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Contract R&D

ElecSys France is a high technology company in international research & development, manufacturing and concept design. Since 2011, we have developed innovative solutions according to the specific product requirements of our customers in fields of electric vehicles batteries, battery charger, inverter, BMS control units, electronic card development and board prototype. Project scale ranges from small series production to collaborative development projects where we provide cutting edge R&D services for the benefit of our customers at all sizes, in a variety of industries.

Thus, with our multi-disciplinary engineers, have broad experience in academy and in industry; we are capable of supporting you at each stage of development, and providing the following services according to our customers' needs:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept design
  • Prototype or small series production

ElecSys France Contract R&D Studies Project Planning Life Cycle

Why choose ElecSys France ?

Scientific Rigour
Our core activities based on newest technologies combined with our expertise provide innovation support and solutions to our customers. Identifying critical parameters and taking into account different situations by a well-defined project planning help us and our customers to solve easily even if previously undefined and unexpected problems within an appropriate time.

Full Disclosure
From beginning to end of the project even if later, we work very closely with our customers. During the project, we regularly, based on weekly and monthly periods, provide written reports, access to lab notebooks, and regular conference calls to answer your questions.

Besides, end of the project, we deliver a whole and unique solution package including project instruments, R&D report, manual users, technical specifications documents. At the same time, we are monitoring and maintaining project elements and supporting our customers without any supplementary charge.

Our partnership, as well as all technical data and information associated with the project and R&D studies, will remain fully confidential.

Each project is considered as a business secret and ElecSys-France takes responsibility to protect all type of customer details and project information in all circumstances. In this manner, we assure all our customers and partners that without their permission, we don’t share or diffuse any information on any platforms.